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about us


Our Family
Sallye and I represent the third generation to use the Lazy 2 brand. Our three children all grew up here on the ranch. Though life has taken them elsewhere, they are imparting to our 8 grandchildren the lessons learned from a rural lifestyle. We have been actively involved in all segments of the beef cattle industry over the last 25 years. The experiences we have had with preconditioning and feeding cattle give us a unique perspective on the kind of cattle that the industry needs and the American consumer wants. Naturally we have gravitated towards the Red Angus breed.


Our Philosophy
We believe that cattle must first be fertile. They must be structurally sound and demonstrate the ability to reproduce each year. They must be moderately framed and wean a heavy calf. Their calves must grow quickly and have the carcass qualities necessary to “fit the grid.” The bulk of our 100 head cowherd came from the NBAR and CBAR ranches of western Kansas. The environment in western Kansas dictates that cattle must be efficient in their production. These breeding programs have for many years selected cattle that give their owners an opportunity to be profitable.

Our bulls are sound, thick-made individuals who have the genetic ability to impart to their offspring skeletal soundness, muscling, growth and above average carcass quality

To achieve these goals we utilize embryo transfer and artificial insemination extensively. We strive to use bulls that are superior in all the economically relevant traits. Low birth weights, weaning and yearling weights, maternal traits, and carcass are all important to us and we believe to our customers as well. Therefore each cow is mated to the bull that we think gives her an above average opportunity to raise a calf that is worthy of you our customer. Our herd bulls are out of some of the breed’s leading sires and dams. Lancer F442, Vaquero, 5L Destination, Major League and Abigrace are found in their pedigrees.


It is our intent to offer for sale only fertile, structurally correct, deep bodied, thick-made cattle with the genetic ability to pass on these traits to their offspring and have these offspring be marketable to the American consumer.